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About EvoShop

2 Events, 2 HUDs, copy/trans

EvoShop28 is an Event in a HUD where we Buy New & Exclusive releases directly in the HUD

EvoShop 60L$ Wkd Sales is an Event in a HUD where we Buy All products for 60L$ directly in the HUD on Weekends

No Limitations

EvoShop HUDs have no limits of Avatars shopping simultaneously. It also doesn't have a limit of Stores. Purchase without teleporting. Sky's not the limit.

Lag Free

EvoShop Event HUDs will rez and work seemlessly in regions with 100 avatars. Purchase without teleporting.

Fastest Purchases

EvoShop provides the fastest way to purchase Gifts to your loved ones. Browse and Gift and voilá - Every product can be gifted.

Private Shopping

Shop securely and private while only you can see what you browse and purchase.

Auto Refund

Advanced AI system with Auto-Refund feature. 0 failed transactions to date.

Optional Teleport

Can use the HUDs to teleport to the stores and also join their groups.

How Do EvoShop HUDs Work?

Get the Free HUDs

EvoShop Event HUDs are copy/trans so you can pass them to your friends. Get them HERE


Turn 'Media' ON in your viewer preferences and attach the HUD.


Browse all categories, genders, maturity ratings, search for specific keywords or just browser the whole Events inside a HUD.


You can buy directly with Linden Balance or charge EvoCredits at our terminal location (Landmark in the HUD).

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