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EvoShop28 Event Buy-in-HUD is AVAILABLE

Click HERE to get it from marketplace 1 L$

EvoShop28 is an Event in a HUD where we Buy New, Exclusive and Original releases directly in the HUD


Karlla Karu (Love to Decorate Magazine): It's the dream of the Virtual Shopping!

Fahrah Rajesh (blind test resident): Wow I'm impressed, just what I was needing to shop!

Nafta Cooper (Nafta - Full Perm Mesh): Amazing! I can have my products reach all residents much faster!

Marie Nova (Salt Store blind test): This is a great idea!

Reece Maloney (Alantori and ManlySL Event): Holy, this is awesome!

Oni UwU (Oni Labs): The idea is so nice, avoids a lot of trouble!

What is EvoShop28:

Watch how it works: